Rainy Season Madness

this is the scene from our house. -___- flood, flood everywhere. 
it looks a bit like spaghetti, yeah? it's homemade nachos though :) 

As I've been mentioning in the last couple of blog posts, the weather here in the Philippines has been really bipolar and it's been raining more than it really should. The other day(when i posted about the yummy crsipy chicken bulgogi), it was raining really hard. Good thing I had a free cut so I was able to go home early, because that night it started to flood around the area of my school. At first we were still kinda giddy because we hoped there'd be no school the following day. The rain got even harder, and this caused a lot of floods in Manila and the provinces near it. A lot of families in the flooded areas had to leave their houses and evacuate to higher ground. It barely floods around where I live, but this time it did, which meant either the rain was really hard or the drainage system in Manila now really sucks. Either way, a lot of people are still hassled by it and could be sick and need of food, rescue and our prayers. 

To pass the time, we decided to play some indoor games (well they did, i spent my time on 9gag and stalking people's blogs hihi) such as Monopoly and UNO cards. 


  1. it's good to hear that you and your family were safe. this moonsoon rain was like the worse thing i've ever seen in my life.